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Web Application Development

Our agile approach keeps you in control of the web app we’re building for you.

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Web apps are a great way to instantly immerse your customers into your brand. Unlike mobile apps, web apps do not need to be downloaded to be enjoyed. And with OnwardPath, developing your very own web app is only a few clicks away.

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Our Agile Approach to Web App Development

The OnwardPath development team has adopted the Agile Methodology for executing our projects. The project teams have Daily Scrums, Backlog Grooming and Sprint Retro to continuously refine and evolve the development and delivery process.

We build Web Applications using JavaScript Framework (React JS, Vue JS , Angular JS etc) or JSP/Servlets for the front-end and Node JS or Java & Springboot for the back-end. Back-ends are built as micro-services to remove dependencies between services thereby enabling independent deployment.

OnwardPath CI/CD Process
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Our DevOps Process and Quality Standards

  • OnwardPath strongly adheres to this DevOps model and focuses on automation to minimize manual intervention.
  • We have implemented Continuous Integration/ Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) pipelines using Jenkins as the Process Orchestrator.
  • When a developer merges their code in the GitHub/ Bitbucket repository, automated builds are executed using Maven.
  • On a successful build, JUnit Test Cases are executed.
  • We use SonarQube to enforce code quality and code coverage for the JUnit tests. Code is only deployed to an environment if it passes code quality and test coverage thresholds.
  • We use industry standard tools like ELK (Elastic, Logstash, Kibana) for views and alerts from the log files.
  • Back-end processes are monitored using Prometheus and Grafana.
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