This post describes the high level installation steps for installing Oracle WebCenter Portal and Content in a Clustered architecture to achieve High Availability. Host A and Host B are the two machines (nodes) to be included in the cluster.

1. Run the WebCenter Portal Repository Creation Utility (RCU)

2. Install the following software on both Host A and Host B

  • JDK (Sun or JRockit)
  • WebLogic Server (10.3.6)
  • Oracle WebCenter Portal (
  • Oracle WebCenter Content (

3. Configure Domain on Host A


Define Cluster, Machine and Managed Servers as follows:

Cluster Machine Managed Server
Spaces_Cluster Host A WC_Spaces1
Spaces_Cluster Host B WC_Spaces2
Content_Cluster Host A UCM_server1
Content_Cluster Host B UCM_server2
Portlet_Cluster Host A WC_Portlet1
Portlet_Cluster Host B WC_Portlet2
Collaboration_Cluster Host A WC_Collaboration1
Collaboration_Cluster Host B WC_Collaboration2
Utilities_Cluster Host A WC_Utilities1
Utilities_Cluster Host B WC_Utilities1

Add AdminServer to Host A

Post bind GID: oinstall, Post bind UID: oracle

Start Admin Server

Create boot properties file for AdminServer with login id/password /


4. Propagate Domain Configuration to Host B

Pack the domain configuration in Host A:

cd /<MIDDLEWARE_HOME>/oracle_common/common/bin
./ -managed=true -domain= /<MIDDLEWARE_HOME>/user_projects/domains/<DOMAIN_NAME> –template=/<MIDDLEWARE_HOME>/<DOMAIN_NAME>.jar -template_name=<DOMAIN_NAME>

Copy the <DOMAIN_NAME>.jar file to Host B

Un-Pack the domain configuration in Host B:

cd /<MIDDLEWARE_HOME>/oracle_common/common/bin
./ –domain= /<MIDDLEWARE_HOME>/user_projects/domains/<DOMAIN_NAME> –template= /<MIDDLEWARE_HOME>/<DOMAIN_NAME>.jar

5. Configure Node Manager

Update Node Manager properties on Host A and Host B


Enroll Node Manager with Domain on Host A and repeat the same on Host B

Connect to the AdminSever on Host A

6. Start Servers

Start Node Manager on both the nodes

Start all Managed Servers through Admin Console