The number of visitors you have for your website equals the number of opportunities you have to expand your business. 

Businesses want visitors to take action on their landing page – for instance, for an eCommerce business, they want the visits to result in sales; for a B2B business, they want the visits to result in qualified leads. 

Often, you would have visitors to your landing page, but it may not result in a conversion. 

Improve your landing page to increase conversions with A/B testing

You will have to optimize your landing page to increase the conversion. Conversion rate optimization is where marketers use A/B testing, where they present two versions of the landing page and see what results in higher conversions. 

Here is an example of A/B testing

We were helping a high-end men’s underwear brand with their marketing initiatives. Their business model was a fully online one. 

We ran Facebook advertisement campaigns, which would drive traffic to their landing page and eventually result in sales. We were able to send about 12000 visitors in the first week to the landing page using the advertisements. Only about 40 of them converted into sales. 

Visitors abandoned the site at different points in their journey. A majority of them left just after reaching the landing page, a fair number of them left during the registration process, and a small percentage left during the payment process.  

Addressing the payment process was straightforward as the options provided were from third-party payment gateways. So, we moved to a gateway that gave an easy-to-use interface for people to pick and choose their options. 

On the registration process, we simplified it by reducing the number of fields from 10 to 4. This also was a straightforward optimization. 

The options that we had to optimize the content were very many. We decided to do A/B testing at multiple levels. 

Headline optimization

We came up with two headlines that made the visitors understand the offer as two landing pages and ran the ads pointing to them. That allowed us to figure which headline was working better at conversion. One performed statistically better than the other with a difference of 42%. 

Content focus

We decided to focus on the health benefits and longevity of the underwear as messages on two landing pages. The anti-bacterial use beat the longevity message by close to 60%. 


We provided a limited period offer. One of the messages had only the offer, and the other one had a statement that said, “100% refund if you are not satisfied with the product.” This was a first for the underwear brand. This refund message outperformed the message that had just the offer. 

Trust factor

We showed messages that gave out proofs like “Fifteen customers have bought the underwear in the last hour,” and “Ten customers have given our products a 5-star rating.” Both of these messages performed equally well. So, we decided to use both these messages in our landing pages. 

This is how we ran the A/B test on our landing pages and optimized the conversions. However, the existing analytics of your landing page, the abandonment rates, and the journey stage greatly helped in running the A/B test. 

A/B testing optimization helped us push the conversion from 40 per week to 450 per week. A/B testing is an ongoing process, and that helps increase your conversions consistently.