2019 was touted as the year of emerging technologies like voice search, and artificial intelligence. How did they perform? Did they remain as emerging technologies or have they made an impact in our everyday business?

From a digital marketing standpoint, artificial intelligence, voice search, personalization, location-based information, real-time ads focused on your consumption or behavior patterns have become mainstream and have become the must-dos in a digital marketer’s armor. This is enhanced by the availability of 5G networks.

Let us look at them in detail here: Voice search

I know an 80-year-old person who is not technology savvy and he isn’t someone who looks forward to using technology for his day-to-day affairs. He carries a smartphone as is the norm nowadays and he was using it only for making and receiving calls. However, things changed in the last year when he started to use “OK Google” to navigate, identify locations, to shop, and to know about events and sports regularly. He loves his smartphone now more than ever as it has allowed him to be independent.

This was made possible only because of the voice search. In his case, it was Google. Others that are prominent in this space include Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Alexa and Cortana’s Cortana.

Now, all of these engines are getting integrated into the enterprise apps as well and their usage is soaring.

Businesses need to be optimized for voice search. About 30% of the search in 2020 is expected to be voice. When you look at it, it is an unaddressed area, as only 4% of the businesses are currently optimized for voice search. Amazon alone is expected to drive about $5 billion in revenues through voice search in 2020.

Artificial Intelligence
  • Are you learning what your consumers want?
  • Do you know what your customer’s behavior looks like?
  • Do you know the interests of your customer segments?
Are we capturing all of this information in a structured format? What do we do with this learning?

This is fairly complex when you try to understand them manually and leverage it for your digital promotions. This is where artificial intelligence (AI) comes in.

However, most enterprises haven’t adopted AI systems that would help them run their businesses smarter and profitable.

AI adoption in the Enterprise, a report done by O’Riley found that under 75% of respondents were either evaluating or not yet using AI. This means only 25% of the enterprises have adopted AI, which puts them in a very advantageous position.

AI systems would allow these enterprises to personalize and focus their promotions to their target segments creatively and profitably.

As you may know, AI systems continue to learn and optimize actionable outcomes. This would put enterprises that have functioning AI systems will reap the benefits.

It is time that you drive your promotional strategies with AI systems at the core.

Voice search and Artificial Intelligence are going to be key for organizations in the coming years. This would allow you to address your user expectations and give them what they want, where they want and when they want it.

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