I was helping a Men’s underwear brand market their products online. We tried several things before we could make it successful. This blog is all about what worked for us and how you can make use of it for your products.

When we started, we began with Facebook and Google advertising to drive traffic to our website. We were able to drive a lot of traffic to our website but that wasn’t getting converted into orders. The conversion rates were anywhere between 1% and 2%. Many added our products to their carts and many of them even entered their payment details before abandoning the purchase. While we were successful in the first step of driving traffic, it was hard to convince someone to buy a product. We poured through several studies, statistics and we did a lot of analysis on what needed to be done. We came up with the following hacks that worked for us and we believe that it would work for you as well. Hack #1: Video of our product We video graphed our product being worn by models. With the video demonstration, we made sure that visitors spent more time on our site that allowed them to purchase the products. This was a game-changer as the conversions increased two-fold immediately and it keeps going up. Hack #2: User reviews We encouraged our customers and the early adopters to write real reviews on our site about the product. We added their photographs and the unpacked photographs of the product along with the reviews. Anyone who reviewed got an additional discount on their next purchase, irrespective of whether the review was good or bad. Hack #3: Customers as our ambassadors We came up with multiple fits using various materials. We did wearer testing using our existing customers. We sent one pair of every new design and material to each of the testers. We got feedback from them in terms of comfort, fit, coverage and style and we published the feedback that we received on our website and our social channels. This resulted in our sales going up substantially. Hack #4: Focus on existing customers We focused on our existing customers and our repeat orders became huge. Acquisition cost with existing customers is near-zero and the conversion rates were in the range of 8% to 10%. Hack #5: Personalized promotions We had three design cuts in a variety of materials – trunks, briefs, and boxer briefs for various types of bodies. We focused our promotions in a personalized manner addressed those body types:
  1. Gym-honed and toned men
  2. Well-endowed men and men with thighs
  3. Taller men and men with larger butts
Different cuts of ours worked well for these body types. We designed specific landing pages that brought out the features and benefits of the products while addressing the typical challenges that these body types face while using underwear. This campaign was a huge hit among our audience. Every marketer wants to offer a better customer experience, which in turn would result in better revenues. The aforementioned digital marketing hacks were based on our own experience and we believe that this would add value to any eCommerce and online marketplace selling.