Oracle Secure Enterprise Search

Everything in it’s place. Nothing out of reach.

Oracle Secure Enterprise Search (SES) provides a familiar user interface to internet search users and gives secure access to all of your organization’s data sources—Web sites, file servers, content management systems, enterprise resource planning and customer relationship management systems, business intelligence systems, and databases.

Oracle Secure Enterprise Search provides better access to enterprise information, while protecting sensitive data from unauthorized users.

Features and Benefits

Secure enterprise search could allow you to find content anywhere it is, anywhere you are.

  • Search and locate public, private and shared content across intranet web content, databases, files on local disk or file-servers, IMAP email, document repositories, applications, and portals
  • Exceptional search quality, spanning varied sources, with the most relevant items for a query being shown first
  • Sub-second query performance
  • Highly secure crawling, indexing, and searching
  • Integration with Desktop Search tools
  • Ease of administration and maintenance

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