Clear GenWWW/Work In Progress Queue


Easy Index allows you to fix GenWWW (WIP) issues efficiently, quickly and with ease. A must have for WebCenter Content Administrators

Content getting stuck in GenWWW due to conversion failure is one of the most common issues in WebCenter Content. Especially in a high volume content management systems, if  the Inbound Refinery server fails to convert documents, it results in all subsequently submitted documents to be stuck in the Work In Progress queue. A resubmit of the content would fix the problem (if there are no underlying IBR issues). However, if you have several documents, there is no easy way to mass submit for conversion.  

Easy Index is a Multi Threaded, Java program built using WebCenter RIDC API, that can bulk submit content in “Work In Progress” queue for conversion. Easy Index is a must have tool if you are a WebCenter Content Administrator managing a high volume content environment. You can use Easy Index to re-submit several thousand documents. The program will query Content Server for all documents in Work In Progress queue and resubmit each of them for conversion. The following are some of the features of Easy Index:

  1. Multi threaded and can clear your GenWWW queue efficiently
  2. Configurable thread and batch settings to allow you to control the speed
  3. Configurable snooze settings allow you to provide idle-time between submits (Gives IBR some breathing time to catch up)



Track Content Metadata Changes


Metadata Tracker allows you to track changes on WebCenter Content item Metadata

Have you had users complaining that they are unable to find/view documents that they were able to view before?. After several hours of investigation, you finally find out that the content Metadata was changed at some point. With Metadata Tracker component, you can now instantly find out when & what Metadata changes were performed on a content item and who made the change.

Metadata Tracker is an install-able Custom Component for Oracle WebCenter Content that allows you to track Metadata Updates performed on a Content item by a user.  Out of the box, Oracle WebCenter Content maintains revisions of your content, which allows you to compare the changes between two revisions of a content. However, metadata updates performed on a content item are not visible. This component allows you to track the metadata changes of your content and see the following details:

  1. Who updated the metadata
  2. When (Date and Time) the update was performed
  3. What the before and after metadata values are