Enterprise Content and Document Management

Folder Naming Schemes Won’t Solve Your Content Problem

Not a clear path

Information is key to an organizations integrity and growth. Information stored in multiple formats and multiple locations can soon get out of control as new documents are created and shared between your employees, partners and customers. You also need to comply with industry and government regulations on storing, archiving and purging information.

Today, organizations primarily rely on tools such as Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Power Point) and Adobe PDF to store the information and save them in a common location, such as a shared drive. These documents are also shared by email resulting in multiple versions of the same document available in different locations.

There are also websites that organizations manage that present the same information in a web viewable format for both internal and external users. In this situation, the organization loses control of the content the moment they are created and shared. This poses considerable risk, especially with respect to complying with industry regulations.

Let’s Fix This

A way to success, with WebCenter Content

Document management software solutions, such as Oracle’s WebCenter Content, provide a single repository to store and control the entire life-cycle of your content from draft creation to publish to archive and purge. Revision, workflow, security and retention policies gives you a granular control on the content throughout the life-cycle of the content.

Oracle WebCenter Content

Oracle WebCenter Content is the most comprehensive and integrated enterprise content management (ECM) platform, providing a unified repository to house your unstructured content, and deliver it to your users in the proper format, and within context of familiar applications to fit the way they work.

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