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Enterprise Content and Document Management Software

Information is key to an organizations integrity and growth. Information stored in multiple formats and multiple locations can soon get out of control as new documents are created and shared between your employees, partners and customers. You also need to comply with industry and government regulations on storing, archiving and purging information.

Document management software solutions, such as Oracle’s WebCenter Content, provide a single repository to store and control the entire life-cycle of your content from draft creation to publish to archive and purge. Revision, workflow, security and retention policies gives you a granular control on the content throughout the life-cycle of the content.

Portal and Collaboration Software

Small and large organizations share many things in common, including their spectrum of applications bought and built over years. Expectations to bring data and information into centralized locations is like a tide, higher than ever. Those organizations that can combine information, make sense of it, and share it quickly are better positioned to succeed.

Portal products, often built off a robust content management systems make it easy to create a high- quality and highly interactive intranet without needing deep technical expertise. Additionally, they are great for creating intranets that will have multiple users or large amounts of content. Their strength lies in connections they can make between people, data, and information.

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