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Introduction to Log4j

What is logging? Tracing program execution during development Debugging Providing an audit trail for a program Recording soft-errors (lost connections, etc.) for monitoring performance and troubleshooting A logging framework lets you use different logging levels Adding logging code Replaces System.out.println() calls throughout Utility of logging code is improved if it’s consistent—logs can be searched. Five […]

Introduction to Maven & Jenkins

What is Maven ? It is a powerful project management tool that is based on POM (Project Object Model) It is used for project build, dependency and documentation It can be used for building and managing any Java-based project What can Maven do? Can easily build a project Can add jars, plugins and other dependencies […]

Integrate JD Edwards with Content and Experience Cloud to drive digital business process improvements

JD Edwards announces their new out-of-the-box support for Oracle Content and Experience Cloud! JD Edwards along with Oracle Content and Experience Cloud will help Facilitate in context transaction and internal operational collaboration, Simplify working with external customers, suppliers or partners, Drive digital business process improvements and Reduce storage costs This solution provides the ability to […]

Oracle Content & Experience – Get The Free Brief

Oracle unveils its Content & Experience Cloud with features that allows organizations to Enhance customer engagement and improve employee efficiency with Oracle Content and Experience Cloud Integrate, share, collaborate and deliver content across multiple channels Deliver consistent, compliant and contextual experiences across channels with omni-channel content management Learn More at : Get the free Brief […]

The four success factors of a WebCenter project

In our wide experience implementing Oracle WebCenter, we have seen that the following are the most common factors that determine the success of a WebCenter system integration or customization project: 1. Commitment & Clarity from Management – Right budget and clearly crafted Requirement Specification 2. The Technical Expertise of the WebCenter Architect 3. The Attitude […]

Grab your copy of WebCenter Reference Architecture Poster

Stop-by at our booth 1422 at the Collaborate17 Las Vegas event to grab your copy of WebCenter Reference Architecture POSTER. If you are starting a new WebCenter project involving any of the three WebCenter products – Sites, Content or Portal, the poster will give you an easy to understand architecture topology to layout your software […]

WebCenter Reference Architecture

Meet us at Collaborate 17

Meet us at Main Street booth 1422 at Collaborate 17 to learn about our recent exciting work in Oracle WebCenter Systems Integration. Also stop-by to grab your OnwarPath Discount Coupons and Special Offers for Collaborate Participants.

What are Profiles and Folders in WCC – A comparision

Profiles and Folders are two different features of Oracle WebCenter Content. Both features are useful for grouping and classifying documents. Your Content Management system can use both Profiles and Folders to provide an effective classification of documents. Profiles – apart from providing usability benefits to your users, also provides effective administrative and customization capabilities to […]